I’ll say this about the NHL Draft Lottery: it has certainly been entertaining over the past few years! That was certainly the case this time around. COVID-19 forced the league to ultimately cut its regular season short. The league decided to create a 24-team playoff format specifically for this season to ensure that the teams…Continue Reading “Would Winnning the Lafreniere Sweepstakes Really Be the Best Thing for the Oilers?”

Hooray! Some Oilers news to talk about! The Oilers re-signed Swiss centre Gaetan Haas to a one-year deal with an AAV of $915k. Haas has 10 points in 58 games for the Oilers so far in the 2019-20 season (hopefully he gets the chance to add to that total). Haas brings a great deal of…Continue Reading “Haas Re-Signs”

The Edmonton Oilers family lost one of its sons today. Colby Cave passed away this morning. He had emergency surgery to address a brain bleed caused by a colloid cyst that was putting pressure on his brain. Cave had 9 points in 67 NHL games with the Oilers and Bruins. Cave was picked up on…Continue Reading “RIP Colby Cave”

Before I start here, I want to say that I hope everyone is feeling good and being safe out there during this time! This situation with COVID-19 is absolutely brutal, and it’s imperative that we practice social distancing and stay home in order to flatten the curve as the authorities have been telling us to…Continue Reading “Chiarelli Speaks”